The minimum age for a person to be able to rent a vehicle with is 21 years. There is no actual maximum age to rent a car. We leave this to the responsibility and the ability of the renter.

Are there any additional fees if I return the vehicle at another location or at different time?

When you make a reservation through our system, you are obliged to pick-up and drop-off the vehicle at the place and time that you have designated. If you return the vehicle at different time, there is a charge of 30 euros. If for example, you rent a vehicle in Skopje and return it in Ohrid, there is a charge of 50 euros.

Am I allowed to smoke inside the rented vehicle?

We spend a lot of time caring and cleaning our vehicles so they are in top condition for our clients. This is why, smoking inside the vehicles is forbidden.

If I’m traveling with a child, do I need to bring a car seat or do you provide?

Upon request of the client, Advance Rent A Car will provide you with children car seats. The usual renting expense for this is 1 EUR per day. However, we often have specials on our offer so please check your reservation and see whether children car seats are available and free.

Do you provide GPS navigation when renting a vehicle?

Yes, we offer GPS navigation with maps of Macedonia and the neighboring countries. The usual expense is 3 EUR per day, although we also have regular special offers where we do not charge for the GPS unit.

What is the policy for an additional driver?

When making the reservation, you make it for yourself. Should you need an additional driver, the standard fee is 2 EUR per day. We will require the standard documents for the second driver as well, like drivers license and passport.

Do I need an international driver’s license?

Here at Advance Rent a Car we do not require international driver’s license, although it is a good recommendation to have this license in case you are stopped by police and they might want to see this license.

Can you tell me more about Third party insurance and are there any additional charges?

Yes, all our vehicles are insured by a third party insurance company. This is why you do not pay for this service additionally.

What is the Collision damage waiver Insurance excess 500€?

We wish our clients are safe during the driving process and hopefully never experience a car accident. If a car accident eventually happens and the damage is below 500 EUR, then it is the obligation of the client to pay for the damages. However, if the damage is beyond 500 EUR, the insurance company pays for the damage.

What is the Theft Protection Insurance Excess 500€?

Same as in the previous question, if there is theft at any part of the vehicle and the amount is below 500EUR, then it is the obligation of the client to cover the cost. If the theft damage is beyond 500EUR, then the insurance company pays for this theft damage.

What is Insurance excess 200€?

It is the same as in the Collision damage waiver insurance excess of 500EUR, but in this case if the damage is below 200EUR, the client pays for the damage. If the damage is beyond 200EUR, the insurance company pays for the damage.

Are there any fees for border crossing?

The usual rate for border crossing is 30 EUR and again, we usually have special offers where the green card (the document which allows you to travel to another country) is free.

Do you charge a fee for cancellation?

No, we do not charge for cancellation. You may cancel your booking at any time.

How do I know if my reservation is successful?

Upon successful reservation, after you’ve picked the desired place, time, vehicle or any additional rental options, you will receive a confirmation email from us. Please check your Inbox and Spam folder to check for this email from us. If you are not sent an email within 15 minutes, please contact us at: info@advance.mk or call our telephone numbers and we will be happy to help.